Challenge Coins Becoming Increasingly Popular at Auto Shows

Auto shows are not only enjoyable for the family, but they are also excellent promotional outlets for businesses and organizations. While auto show enthusiasts enjoy seeing first hand some of the most luxurious and classic cars ever driven, companies look to promote their brand, product, or service to the large crowd. One such means of promotion that has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years is the use of custom challenge coins.

Having originated in the military to build morale and promote team building within each unit, challenge coins have since become a collector’s item and an advertising medium. It is the combination of their popularity and promotional effectiveness that makes challenge coins a logical item for distribution at auto shows.

Combining Popularity with Effective Promotion

Companies are able to take advantage of the fact that most auto show attendees will be enthralled with the idea of taking home some kind of souvenir item that commemorates their attendance at the show. Challenge coins are naturally appealing to consumers and collectors alike due to their ideal size, attractive look and low pricing. They are easy to store, and make for a terrific display piece.

Designing Challenge Coins for Auto Shows

Challenge coins customized by companies specifically for auto shows generally featured a unique design on each of its two sides. One side of the challenge coins always features some kind of picture or text relevant to the actual show. The most commonly used looks for this side include any of the following:

• The auto show logo
• A visual of a classic or luxurious car
• The date and location of the show
• A combination of the mention items

There are two main reasons as to why companies designate one side of their promotional challenge coins to the auto show instead of using both sides for advertising purposes. These reasons are:

• Popularity: Consumers will want a coin that can serve as a keepsake. They want an item that represents the show itself. Much like how bread, caramel and even tobacco companies have used the images of baseball players on cards to promote their product, companies use auto-show related images and text on customized challenge coins in a similar fashion.
• Greater Distribution: The main goal for companies using challenge coins at auto shows is to get their coins to as many people as possible. One of the easiest and most efficient ways of doing that is to have the auto-show promoters distribute the coins themselves throughout the event. They will be far more likely to assist in distribution if the challenge coin features the auto show logo on one of its sides.

Because one side of the challenge coins is dedicated to commemorating the auto show, companies have to maximize their space on the flip side. They may wish to customize their design with the following:

• Company logo and contact information
• Advertising slogan for a product or service
• A picture of the actual product

Evaluating the Design Options for Auto Show Challenge Coin

Each of the three popular design options is effective in their own right. Which of the three a company opts to use largely depends on their intended purpose of the coins.

For companies looking to bolster their brand name and increase overall exposure to the company as a whole, the logo and contact information option would be ideal. The logo may intrigue the recipient of the coin, who will then visit the listed website for more information.

For those businesses that are looking to market a general product or service, an advertising slogan may be the best option. Challenge coins featuring this design usually coincide with some other sort of advertising medium, be it TV, online ads, or billboards. If a company intends to market a single product that can be purchased in stores, they may wish to use an actual picture or 3D image of the product itself to raise awareness.

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