Numbering Your Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins today are issued or presented in a number of unique settings. While the coin itself is a treasured reminder of a certain event, actually numbering your coins can make each recipient feel special about the coin they receive. A number appearing on the face, or edge, of each coin lets the person know they are one of only a select number of people to receive this unique item.

Numbered Custom Challenge Coins

Edge numbering adds a unique aspect to your custom coins.

Numbering can also be helpful in setting a certain group of people apart from another. If you have selected guests of honor or recipients of a particular award you may choose to number the coins given to these people as a way of distinguishing their special place, accomplishment, or membership order. They can also be used as an authorization piece, or passkey, to a meeting when they are sequentially numbered. This concept even saves paper as a benefit to the environment.

Custom coins can be numbered in several different ways. First, a series number can be stamped or silk screened to the face (front or back) of each coin. This placement makes the numbering stand out allowing it to be a large part of the coin’s character. Second, the numbers can be placed along the side edge of the coin. Engraving numbering on the edge of coins is preferable if the design is highly complex and takes up the majority of space on the face of the coin. It also allows the design of the coin to be the main focal point as opposed to a number added to the face of the coin.

Sequential numbering can be added in various formats. Some people may choose to simply have the number of that particular coin displayed on the object itself. Others may want the coin’s place in a series to be obvious. In this situation the number can be placed in front of the word “of” or in front of a backslash. Following either of these characters is the total number of coins in the series.

Challenge coins serve many different purposes, but are always treasured no matter the circumstance. Numbering can increase their personal value as well as compliment the overall design.

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